Universal product line

We move your helicopter

the picture showes the new universal gse Ground Support systems and equipment of lico for all common skid helicopters

Our new GSE – Ground Support Equipment Products are universally applicable and fit all common skid helicopters. The ground handling wheels are practical to handle and easy to install. A hydraulic system enables the universal wheels to be mounted on the skid of the helicopter with only a few simple steps. One it is pumped up, a helicopter weighing up to 4 tons can easily be moved along the ground. Because the wheels are now near the center of gravity of the helicopter, only a moderate amount of manual force is needed to balance the helicopter. The helicopter can be moved manually over short distances, while for greater distances a drawbar is required.
We also have a universal drawbar which fits on common skid helicopters. Different coupling systems (standard, car, MIL) enable universal towing.

The Tow Bar 2100 can be used for landing gears with skids of varying widths up to 2,400 mm. The TOW Bar is fully assembled and ready to use after only twenty minutes, and all needed tools are delivered together with the TOW Bar in a sturdy wooden transport and storage box. Its foldable drawbar means that it requires only a minimum of storage space.