Concept of Quality

Quality is the central value of LICO Stahl- und Kunststofftechnik GmbH. We view ourselves as quality providers and thus our core promise is to provide LICO customers with reliable quality that creates satisfaction.
There are good reasons why many of our customers time and again decide on LICO as their development partner. Our range of services offers everything the way you want it, from design to contract manufacturing.
“Made by LICO” is not just a cliché, our in-house production rate is 70% on average. Our high rate of in-house production is proof of our products’ excellence and quality. Engineers and technicians continue to further develop our small series products and enrich the industries with innovative products and technologies.
There is no stand-still at LICO company –for us the continuous improvement process is the order of the day. Our goal is to make our customers’ daily professional work easier, so that they can deliver the best result in the shortest time possible. A big claim that must be met again every day.
As your partner LICO has for more than 35 years been the guarantor of high-quality, technically demanding products, from custom machinery to small series.